**Thusrday's** @ Recess ?

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**Thusrday's** @ Recess ?

Post by Sirbrute » Mon Feb 25, 2019 7:09 am

Morning one and all..

KNow it has been a long time to hear from me and mine (Dawn) but we moved things around to allow us to attend session on Thursdays as our Mondays were locked into a game at our place. I just wanted to post this now and I will check to see if there are any events up for us to play. Side note I hope that they are the OLD rules and not new rules at I am only setup being new for old system.. I know all of you are up to date probably *sighs* and hope we do not have any issues with Dawn and I being able to play.

Thanks for reading this and we have been trying to get everything sorted out so we can play.. looks like March will be our test Month to make this happen if possible. OH and what we have to play below is not up to date.. but needless to say we both have but one or two pcs and they are only level one for her and max level three for me I think BUT I do have a book filled with all the pre-gen at various levels to 'proctor' if need be for play.
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