Want to say 'Howdy' - Con on Cob 2018 Player 'Rog' Alexia Romanov

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Want to say 'Howdy' - Con on Cob 2018 Player 'Rog' Alexia Romanov

Post by Sirbrute » Sun Nov 18, 2018 9:46 pm

Well it took me a week BUT I made it in to CTGF (Cleveland Tabletop Gaming Forums)..

So Greetings and well met one and all....

This is Roger, Rog (AKA Alexia Romanov), I met many a good person at Con on the Cob the weekend of November 10th and was informed that this is the place I need to be to see about 'connecting after the con' and hopefully setting up a game or two at Recess on Thursdays in the coming months. Having said that I hope this post is acceptable as I am uncertain exactly who to reach out to and how to get things rolling.


Anyway I am going to leave this first post short just in case I was supposed to follow some sort of protocol and post somewhere else first. I will try and keep an eye on this posting for a reply and keep my fingers crossed. By the way I am way terrible with names but I hope I made an impression on some people who may see this and respond GOD knows you'all made an impression on me.

OH and it would not just be me on Thursdays who would be looking to play... my wife also would be more than likely be joining me. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO... fingers crossed for some positive replys..

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