1/16 Incident at Absalom Station Discussion

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Re: 1/16 Incident at Absalom Station Discussion

Post by Grey17isMissing » Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:39 pm

Andy H. uses a really nice Fate point system with his APs. It can be real helpful and doesn't break the system. I can scan a copy and send it to you tomorrow. Mike and Gino are familiar with it from the AP they are in.

As far as characters go, my favorites are the skill classes. So Operative or Mechanic, but I really don't know the other classes. I played the mechanic in the intro quest and my current character is a hacker operative. I am not even sure what nakes a good party.

Glitch - Android Operative Hacker 2
Boulder - Android Operative Ghost 6 (in AP)

Galen - Fighter 2 / Monk 2
Suruk - Brawler 1
Kurai Yaru - Unchained Rogue 3
Raina - Alchemist 1
Cat Holmes - Swashbuckler 1 / Investigator 5

Korzin - Rogue 10
Kara - Cleric 2
Grosk - Fighter 1

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