Now when did Gorrd jump Dimensions??????

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Now when did Gorrd jump Dimensions??????

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Delicious in Dungeon

In a fantasy world of dungeon exploration, guilds go out on expeditions to raid dungeons, hoping to find the mysterious Golden Kingdom claimed to be the treasure of the dungeon. The story starts with a failed mission, where six members of a team try to take on a dragon but end up escaping at the cost of losing a member to the dragon’s stomach. After this, two team members leave to join another team, leaving only Laios (a human swordsman), Chilchack (a halfling locksmith), and Marcille (an elven spellcaster) to grieve over Laios’ sister, Farin (a human spellcaster). Feeling indebted to their close teammate Farin, who used magic to teleport the team outside to safety, the remainder of the team brainstorms how to get back to the dungeon level with the dragon in time to save Farin from digestion. Very similar to a roleplaying fantasy game like D&D, the team members must consider the cost of weapons, defense, recruitment fees for more team members, and food. With their money, equipment, and supplies left behind in the dungeon, their mission seems impossible, until Laios suggests they save money and time by finding food to eat within the dungeon. This way, they do not have to downgrade their equipment for money and also do not have to return to the outside every time they need more food. Secretly, Laios has wanted to eat dungeon monsters for a long time. However, this is typically never done and Chilchack and Marcille are opposed. Laios reassures them that he has a book of what is edible and recipes on how to cook, and they head off to the first floor of the dungeon. The first floor is filled with adventurers and is like a market, and this is where the team meets and joins Senshi, a dwarf who has 10 years of experience sustaining himself from the dungeon.

Every chapter of the manga shows this team of four traveling through the dungeon, introducing environments (such as forests and lagoons) filled with new creatures. These creatures are typical fantasy role-playing game monsters, such as walking mushrooms, screaming mandrakes, huge scorpions, mimics, golems, and slimes. Some, such as the mandrakes, mushrooms, and scorpions are not too difficult to imagine as recipe ingredients, yet others such as slimes and golems showcase Ryoko Kui’s creativity, as slimes become jerky and golems are walking gardens, growing lettuce, turnips, and other vegetables on their back. Each chapter advances the team through a part of the dungeon, and also provides a realistic-looking recipe explanation to the meals they create. The pros and cons of these meals, and the reaction of the characters, especially Marcille, provide much of the humor for the manga. Advancing through the dungeon involves tasks such as dismantling traps, and finding ways to cross the underground lagoon. The manga focuses on world-building detailed fantasy environments, and captures a daily-life snapshot of fantasy dungeon raids and those who embark on them.

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