10/29 @ 12PM - #32: Drow of the Darklands Pyramid (7-11)

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10/29 @ 12PM - #32: Drow of the Darklands Pyramid (7-11)

Post by ElishaK » Sat Oct 22, 2016 10:58 pm

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 7th to 11th level characters (Tiers: 7–8 and 10–11).
A rogue band of drow plague the shipping lanes of Osirion and the Pathfinder Society sends you to stop them. When the drow capture a caravan laden with Society relics, you delve into the Darklands to track down the stolen cargo and explore the mysterious Stalactite Pyramid.
Written by Sean K Reynolds

GM: Ryan
Campaign: Regular
Subtier: ?
12-Lady Majet, Zar, 10-Tim the Bardairan, Blue, 9-Donald, Marvin, 8-Okrin, Nár, Kamentwati, Lord Tagore, 7-Sunaki, Urah, Sir Chompey 6- Terry, some gm baby, Another gnome, 2-Marvin, Ghredrik, another work in progress, 1- Michael